We talk about how the new sets will change the game, our new segment Fun Format, and Brewing that common Mr. Fixit!

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Topics Covered

  • How new sets will change the game (00:49)
  • Fun Format (26:13)
    • When you wish upon a die…: Your team must have 3 characters that are 7-cost (Wish Characters) or more. You may have a max die of 1 for each of these 3 cards (even if the card says otherwise). The other 5 card slots and basic actions are unlimited (Wizkids banned cards still apply). Please also bring a Limited Wish die (if you don’t have one we will have a few to borrow).

      For this tournament players start the game out with 7 sidekick dice (because 7 is a lucky number) and 1 Limited Wish: Lesser Spell die. Both players will start their first turns with the Limited Wish die in Out of Play/In Transition and draw 3 sidekick dice from their bag. When you roll the Limited Wish die on the Action face, you may only use it’s effect on one of your 3 wish characters. You cannot win the match until you “wish” in one of your Wish characters. Your Wish characters cannot be purchased, nor can their global abilities be used until that character is fielded.

    • Limited Wish: Lesser Spell die (Choose any unpurchased wish character and roll it. If you roll a non-energy face, place the die in your used pile.)
  • Brewing Buddies (42:11)


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