We discuss the new Iron Man And War Machine Starter, our Hidden Gem: Super Rare Ultraman, and Adding Text to Blank Cards.

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Topics Covered

  • WizKids Rules Forum Update (00:48)
  • Iron Man and War Machine (07:01)
  • Hidden Gem – Ultraman: Kryptonite-Powered (28:58)
  • Flavoring Blanks (48:17)
    • Ant-Man: When Fielded, you may KO a Wasp Die to deal a character or opponent 3 damage.
    • Wasp: Heroic – While Wasp is paired, she may change any of your attacking or blocking Avengers characters.
    • Giant Man: Heroic – While Giant Man is paried, you may spin up Giant man or his paired partner.
    • Donatello: Teamwatch 1 (the first time Teamwatch is activated on a turn) – Use the effect of an action die with no bursts. Teamwatch 2 (the second time Teamwatch is activated in a single turn) Use the effect of an action die with any number of bursts.
    • Leonardo: Teamwatch 1 – Leonardo gets Iron Will. Teamwatch 2 – Leonardo gets Fast.
    • Raphael: Teamwatch 1 – Raphael gets Deadly. Teamwatch 2 – Raphael gets Overcrush.
    • Michaelangelo: Teamwatch 1 – Spin all TMNT affiliation dice up 1 level. Teamwatch 2 – All TMNT dice get+2A.
    • Baby Dragon: (No special ability because in Yu-Gi-Oh the card is blank, so this one is blank too.)
    • Marshmallon: Regenerate If Marshmallon is KO’d and does not successfully use regenerate deal your opponent 1 damage. If Marshmallon successfully uses regenerate, gain 1 life.
    • Man-Eater Bug: When this monster is KO’d you may KO target monster.
    • Morphing Jar: When summoned both players move all dice from their used piles into their bags, then both players draw four dice from their bags and place them into the used pile.
    • Sangan: During your main step, you may KO this monster die and summon another die from your ready area for free.
    • Lord of D.: While active, Once per turn you may KO target non-sidekick monster die and summon a monster die with “Dragon” in it’s name to the field at level 1.
    • Injection Fairy Lily: When Injection Fairy Lily attacks it gains +7A if it is blocked by two or more monsters.
    • Saggi The Dark Clown: While active you gain the following effects the first time you perform each action each turn. Summon a Non-Sidekick Monster – Purchase another copy of that die for 2 less (minimum of 1). Play an Action Die – Use the ability of a different action die that you have already purchased. Summon a sidekick – KO target sidekick you control. Use a Global Ability – You take 1 damage.
    • Drax: We Are Groot (when this character and Groot are in the field at the same time) all Guardians affiliated characters gain +3A
    • Rocket Racoon: We are Groot – Rocket may attack as if unblocked and return to the field.
    • Jessica Jones: While active, your opponent may not take control of any of your character dice.
    • Gorilla Grodd: When an opponent’s character is KOed you may take control until the end of the active player’s turn.
    • Nightwing: While Nightwing is active, if Oracle active, Nightwing gets +1A/+1D. If Batman is active, Nightwing cannot be blocked by 2 or more characters.
    • Catwoman: When Catwoman attacks, capture target sidekick die untill the end of the turn.
    • Catwoman: When Catwoman attacks, you may immediately use any energy left in target opponents reserve pool.
    • Gwen Stacy: While Gwen Stacy is active, (Spider Friends) characters cost 1 less (min 1). Spider-Man costs 2 less (min. 1).


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