We talk about The Defenders team pack, the new Flip Mechanic, and brewing a team using Wong – Dedicated to the Ancient One.

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Theme: Tilt By Avaren

Show Notes:

Topics Covered

  • The Defenders Team Pack (00:47)
  • Flip Mechanic (23:23)
    • Flip: Cards with the Flip keyword have a different face on each physical side of the card (front and back).  All dice you control are represented by the face up side of your card with the Flip keyword, regardless of which face the card was on previously.  At the beginning of each of your turns, you may flip any card with Flip to its other face.  There also may be game effects that direct you to flip cards.  Only cards with two faces may be flipped. (DCDM5)
  • Brewing Buddies (41:50)
    • Wong – Dedicated to the Ancient One
  • Game Haven Sandy’s Online Dice Masters Store
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