We talk about the Call Out and Infiltrate keywords, the semi-constructed/semi-sealed format, and a user submitted Brewing Buddies!

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Show Notes:

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Call Out and Infiltrate (00:46)
    • Call Out – When a character die with Call Out attacks, you target an opposing character die. The targeted die can only legally block the attacking die that used Call Out on it, and no other die can legally blocked the die that used Call Out. If the die that used Call Out cannot legally be blocked for any reason (an effect made it unblockable, two different dice chose the same target for their Call Out, the die targeted with Call Out was KO’d, etc.) then the effect of Call Out is cancelled.
    • Infiltrate – When a character die with Infiltrate attacks and is not blocked, you may choose to remove that character die from combat and not deal combat damage to your opponent. If you do, that character die deals 1 damage to your opponent and the die remains in your Field Zone instead of going to your Used Pile.
  • Semi-Constructed/Sealed Format (14:57)
  • Brewing Buddies (30:44)

  • Game Haven Sandy
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