Errata That! Captain Universe: Enigma Force

Errata That!

by The Brown Messiah


Oh boy did we have some good ones from Mark and his son Layne this time around. We decided to take on the Super Rare Captain Universe: Enigma Force. If you haven’t heard the segment check be sure to check it out!



SOOOOO…. Yeah, her stats are good which makes her a good body in the field. And she is like churn/ramp, which is great. But that’s it!  And at 6 cost? Why!?!?! Yes, we all know that 6 cost is not as expensive as it used to be so buying her isn’t really that much of an issue. But as with all of our cards we choose to errata; they ruin it with that extra bit of text: “paying all costs.” I never get why this is a thing. Why? Why always add that one bit of text? She is 6 cost for crying out loud. I think by spending that much energy you should be rewarded for the investment into her kind of crap. Free fielding is a reasonable ability for have to pay 6 to get the character. The way I see it, with a relatively cheap team where you have 1-2 fielding costs on your characters, it takes about 3 of them to make up on it and at that point you probably have 3 Avengers in your bag you could pull.  Even her common and uncommon are way better, life gain or +2A ad both are solid. Really what it should read is: “While Captain Universe is active, pause the game for 10 minutes and discuss why Wizkids always adds a line of text that ruin the rest of the card.”


The Funnies














Mark and Layne had some absolute gold for funny erratas. The first one is just oozing with sarcasm and condescension. I laughed so loud when I read “because Hulk from ASM is sooo much better.” I could feel how ridiculous this card is and almost felt embarrassed for Captain Universe. I don’t know anything about the character but at with a name like that, you’d think she would be pretty cool. And then along came Reflection. No words can describe how much joy this new keyword brought to me. And when I shared it with the guys they agreed. But seriously, why don’t we have Invisible Woman? Am I the only one who misses the Fantastic 4? Sue Storm, a better Thing, and Bam! Wizkids… please? 


The Beef














Now these cards, these cards live up to the name Captain Universe and probably the character herself. And by that I mean super overpowered but look really fun. The first one is intense but but has a cool idea to it. I really dig Iron Will and think it’s a fun keyword. On top of that, it is really flavorful. Unfortunately with the nerf to it we don’t see a whole lot of it in play.  Add the Overcrush and it may be a little much but still fun. Like I said, pretty overpowered. Maybe you could limit it to up to two of your characters and one of their characters getting Iron Will and you’d make it a bit more balanced.  

The second one is my favorite. As you all know, Storm from AVX is my baby so this Captain Universe has a nice nod off to her. Perhaps the creators are saying something 😉

Board wipe removal is the best and can be really fun. I love the chance and gamble of rolling all the dice and seeing who comes out on top. I also like the trade off of  rolling out your opponent’s characters. But if they stay in the field, damage! And at 6 cost you get what you pay for. My one errata would be to just ger rid of that first ability. It’s just too overpowered. Sorry guys, but I gotta put my foot down somewhere ;).


Well I hope you enjoyed these cards as much as we did. They were really cool because they brought up super fun discussions and we had a lot of good laughs with these cards. As always a big thanks to Mark and Layne for all the work and creativity they display wit these cards. Keep it up and we’ll see ya next time!

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