Building Blocks take a cure, a shower head that turns your shower into a spa, and I’d LifePrint that!

If you have a project that has caught your eye that you want to share, record a 5-10 minute video or audio clip and send it to KickCast “AT” Ktdata.Net! It could be featured on the next episode.

You can find me on most of the major social media sites:

Twitter: @Kickcast


Google+: KickCast

Pinterest: Ktdata

Also you can come watch us record live too. We try to start around 9PM Mountain time. The next episode will be April 1, 2014 at: Live.KickCast.Net


Show Notes:

KickStarter Eatery Map!

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Paypal Policy Update

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The Halo Water Feature

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LittleBigKast Outlast Video

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