Coming up in this episode of the KickCast the Freeloader is smaller, lighter and stronger than it’s opponents, using your foot to adjust pedals on the fly, a way to take your OS with you anywhere and what’s a Watsi?!

Congratulations to Mike B for winning the Pebble sweatband!

I hope you guys enjoy and if you have any feedback, projects you want to share or just want to talk you can reach me at KickCast “AT”

You can find me on most of the major social media sites:

Twitter: @Kickcast


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Also you can come watch me record live too. I try to start around 7PM Mountain time. The next episode will be February 19, 2013 (I’m now recording the show on Tuesdays) at: Live.KickCast.Net


Show Notes:

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The Freeloader

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FLEXeFX Guitar Pedals

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