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Here’s the third release of the Black Rock Shooter TV Figma line, Black Gold Saw. As you’ve noticed this review is very late from her release last month due to that I received a defective unit. The joint from her top half and torso was loose and wouldn’t stay together as a result would fall off after a period of time. Normally you could use a Elmers Glue fix by applying some  glue into the joint hole then putting the plug in, let sit for about a day and it would tighten the joint. But in this case it wasn’t something that glue would fix so I contacted Ami Ami where I bought her to see if I might get a replacementbut since Gold Saw is very popular I wasn’t able to get a replacement but told me to use the Elmer Glue fix, so I ended up contacting Good Smile Company in hopes to get a replacement or the part replaced.


After about 2 weeks of talking back and forth I was able to get them me a replacement torso, about a month passed before I received the replacement part and that is a major reason why this review is very late. But also I’m going to be talking about two sides of this figure since my version is just full of problems that I think in the end mine was just a lemon.


Even with all these problems I can’t help to like her appearance and the detail was put into her.  There is little difference between her OVA counterpart in terms of mobility and quality but they do give off their own identity which I like.

Problems of mine:



  • The torso fell off and couldn’t be put back on (Fixed)
  • The display stand hole is loose and falls off from the plug.
  • Some of the hands have loose plugs and tends to fall out. 

I’ve talked to other Gold Saw owners about theirs and it seems as though I’ve got a bad version and it made it hard to take photos since either she would fall off her stand, hands would fall out or couldn’t pose her on the stand. But even with these defects I still am glad to have her.


What’s in the box.


4 sets of hands 1 tilted hand.

2 fact pallets.

Gold Saw Sword.


Black Gold Saw is going to get two review scores to make it fair.

Mine: 4/10 – Mainly due to it was defective that was fixed by the manufacture and seems to be the only one that has these defects.

Overall: 7/10 – It’s a nice figure and is a must have for any BRS collector but I still think her OVA counterpart looks better.

If anyone has a different opinion and would like to share, please email me at ahoybaby[AT]


How to fix loose joints link.

Good Smile Support for if you can’t get help from where you bought it.

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