Fire Sisters Part 1


From the Agaragi family comes Karen, the eldest of the Fire Sisters now in Figma form. For a while now I’ve been getting into the Bakemonogatari series mainly since it’s by the same art style as Soul Taker and from this show comes the second season Nisemonogatari.
This Karen Figma is comes with a few nifty¬†accessories including one of my favorite the what i’m dubbing “Karen Punch!”. Most of the newer Figma’s are coming with action effect accessories that allows for better posing with their¬†corresponding figures OR other figures that fit the 1/12 ratio. With her Bruce Lee jump suit and the “Sting like a bee”¬†appearance Karen’s not to be messed with but with her younger sister Tsukihi (that will is also being released this month) makes the Fire Sisters, Defenders of justice!

This figure comes with an extra head with her short hair, 2 extra sets of hands holding, a pair of socks, 2 extra faces and “Karen Punch!” effect. There are so many way of using these with the rest of the Figmas from Bakemonogatari, so if you have the rest of them you can try out new and fun ways to mix and match them all.

If your a fan of this series or just find Karen cute then you’ll want to get her and Tsukihi. But if your not sure yet then i’ll have the Tsukihi review up after i’m able to get her and you can see both of them in action most likely beating up on their older brother.

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