Fire Sisters Part 2.


Last time we saw Karen the oldest of the Fire Sisters and now we have Tsukihi Araragi the younger Fire Sister. Unlike her older sister Tsukihi is tamed and well mannered as her appearance would suggest. As you can see she dresses in a Kimono and keeps a refined attitude like a doll but don’t let that fool you, Tsukihi does have a temper side that even Karen can be afraid of and also has a small brother complex.


Like Karen, Tsukihi comes with an extra set of feet, 2 face expressions, alternate hair style and linked hands but unlike Karen also includes one ice pick, kitchen knife and pot lid. Of the two Fire Sisters i have to say Karen was much more fun to review where Tsukihi is very nice to look at. If you just raised an eye brow with my last comment then keep on reading. The Karen Figma was a good action figure that you would pose into any kinda Kung Fu movie pose for the most part but Tsukihi is more of the find that nice, sweet and or cute pose to leave her in to look at. Even with saying this I am glad to have Tsukihi in my collection but i do wish she came with a bit more to add in the Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari series, but never know if they’ll decide to release more characters from this series only time will tell.  So far of all the Bakemonogatari Figmas to have been release up to now i would have to say the Kanbaru Figma is my personal favorite mainly because of the monkey fist and rain coat. If Max Factory doesn’t end up releasing any more from this series which one(s) did you collect and are your favorite? If you like this check out our facebook of more random photos from these Figmas and more.


Due to copyrights the best i could put up was the instrumental version of Tsukihi’s theme song.


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