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What’s the worst thing that can happen at your wedding? Well in this case you can be stabbed and your loved one has to travel six months in the past to find clues to who and why they wanted to raid a royal wedding. Just to add a plot twist, your soon to be wife has two souls living inside one body. Who will you choose after finding the culprit and unraveling the mysteries in Time and Eternity.

time and eternity key art

Once again Nis America brings us another RPG and like the rest you have the love story, the conflict and the fighting to win against the baddies but unlike other RPGs it’s brought to you in a whole new way. This game I’m torn from being pleased and not pleased and I’m going to give both reasons as I go through the game details, but I will say that it was just fun to play through this game and gave a refreshing take on the RPG genre that it really needed.



The first thing you will notice about Time and Eternity is it’s animation style and not using the normal game sprites but hand drawn animation. This full anime style animation is a fresh feel to the RPG genre but in any RPG they only use a few motions which gets repetitive over a period of time.

 Map and Field


The world map is very simple yet works out very well as does the field map but the one annoying part is the chase camera view. Also if you pay attention to at some points Towa/Toki doesn’t seem to fit on the map due to how the map’s animation. I still personally love this style since I get the feeling of playing an anime.


  Affection Gadge.


Time and Eternity has a slight dating sim feel to it were depending on who you’re playing as your affection will go one way or another and on a side note it will never stay neutral for all you who wants to have a harem.


Gift System 


Toki and Towa have different skill tree’s and to unlock them you accrual GP (Gift Points) and when you reach the next level those skills will become available. Also you can set any skill on either character at anytime.


  Battle System.


This is very straight forward system, Defend, Items, Dodge, Ranged Attacks and Close Quarters combat with a bit of Magic in there. Since you have two souls in one body that means you have two characters that needs to be leveled up. You can’t switch them at your leisure but only when you level up and depending who your playing with will lead to different skits. Toki and Towa are completely different in fighting styles but mostly for that one is ranged vs close quarters, besides that they play the same. Oh if you think that’s it you’ll be happy to know that you get a dragon called Drake to fight by your side, his abilities are gained by just leveling up and is controlled by a NPC so all his attacks are random and from time to time will heal you.

  My Thoughts


I’ve found this game to have a very fun story, colorful characters, great artwork and over all very appealing, but this also comes with some pretty bad voice acting, repeating animation scenes and elevator style music that has put me to sleep a couple times. If you’re a RPG fan then you’ll wanna pick this up to play for if anything how fun and unique it is, the game does start out kinda slow but once it gets rolling it was hard for me to put it down.

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