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CES 2013 – Day 1: Sonte


Ever wish you could just blur your windows but still have some light come through? What if you could control the transparency from your smartphone? Check out SONTE, a wifi enabled film for your windows!

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CES 2013 – Day 1: LifeProof


In the age where having a cell phone is almost a must, many of us don’t take care of our phones as well as we should. I know that I am definitely one of those people. You always hear about these stories where a phone takes a swim in the bathtub or a shattered device because it fell off a desk. LifeProof is a device case maker and may have a solution for all of this! I got a chance to talk with Kyle from LifeProof to see their solutions for this common problem.

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CES 2013 – Day 1: Opening


This is my favorite time of the year! The International Consumer Electronics Show is one of the largest trade shows that is run. Many consumer electronic companies are there to show off their new products for 2013. This is an industry only event and not open for the general public, lucky for you Ktdata.Net got to attend the show. Come join us as we cover all 4 days of the show and we save you the hassle from walking the show floor (trust me it’s a lot of walking). Keep an eye on Ktdata.Net because we have many posts coming up about some of the coolest gadgets we saw at the show. Deedo and I kick off day 1 right here:

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KickCast – Episode 7: 2013 CES Special


This is our special 2013 CES edition show! We found a few booths that are using crowdfunding to help get their project off the ground!

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