CES 2019: Seedsheet

Don’t have a green thumb like me? Maybe the Seedsheet will be able to help you grow plants! It’s so simple that I think I could do it (and that is saying a lot). Check out our interview with Cam about Seedsheet!

For more information about Seedsheet check out their website.

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CES 2019: Brava

It’s no secret that I am not a culinary master in the kitchen. Brava might be what I need to help get my chops up to par. The one thing I wish I could share with you was how perfect the sear on the salmon was, along with how amazing it tasted. Check out our video with Thomas and Travis about Brava!

For more information about Brava check out their website.

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CES 2019: Square Off

As some of you know, we love playing board games. Some times it’s hard to find another player to play a board game with you. With Square Off you will never have a hard time finding an opponent for chess! Check out the video below with Ameya where we talk about Square Off, a device that will let you play chess with anyone remotely!

For more information about One61 check out their website.

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CES 2019: One61 foundmi

I always love finding tech that I can use in everyday life. Especially the ones that allow me to show off my geeky interests. One61 offers smart items that definitely fit that description. I was super stoked when I found what they are going to be offering this year! Check out the video below where Michael from One61 tells us about what is coming up!

For more information about One61 check out their website.

For more information about found check out their website.

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CES 2019: BreadBot

Usually at CES I am I find things that catch my eye. In this case it was my nose that led me to the BreadBot. After all, who can resist the smell of fresh baked bread (especially when you are a trade show)?! Check out everything the BreadBot has to offer in our interview below.

For more information about BreadBot check out their website.

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CES 2019: StallMate

Sometimes a low tech solution is the best way to help save your high tech devices. The StallMate was so unique we had to stop by and talk to them! Find how the StallMate can save your phone in the video below with Nick!

For more information about StallMate check out their website.

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CES 2019: SkyValet

I’ve started to think more about my luggage when I travel. It shouldn’t get in the way when traveling. When I found these guys at CES I knew it was the perfect match. Check out the video below where I talk to Eric about SkyValet.

For more information about SkyValet luggage check out their website.

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CES 2019: Printbrush XDR

The Printbrush XDR was something I did not expect to see. It’s a handheld printer that can print on virtually any surface! Check out the video below to find out more!

For more information about Printbrush XDR check out their website.

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CES 2015: olloclip

Olloclip is one of the leaders when it comes to lens attachments for your iPhone. Every year they are always improving their products to keep up with the current iPhone. Watch this video as Rachel catches up with Tim DeBrincat of olloclip to see what is new!

Follow olloclip on instagram here.

Check out all of olloclip’s products on their website.

CES 2015: Southern Telecom

Smartphones have become the standard phone to own. One of the problems people run into with smartphones is the price. Southern Telecom has some great tablets and phones coming out this year that run current software, plus they are aiming to be affordable. Check out the video where I highlight a few of their new products coming out this year under brands you might recognize!

To find out more about Southern Telecom check out their website!