My friends! This blip is brought to you by Robin and, oh lawd, I miss the Littlebiglings. I’m hanging in New Mexico while the rest of the crew comes back after a particularly productive week. Jeff give us the details about his brand new baby and sleep deprivation, but more importantly he ran a FLAWLESS raid. Ohhhhhh!!!! Rachel and Leon have a deathmatch over Crossy Road which will make for an interesting dynamic in their brand new hipster apartment! Drew reminisces about his recent freelance work which sounds way too fantastic for me to even comprehend.

Best quote comes from Drew answering why he packs a PS4 on his adventures. “I’m a man with needs.”

Watch everyone discuss and debate the best games for partner play and chime in with your own feedback! We want to know what games we missed. Surprisingly enough, we aren’t perfect. I know, shocking… *hug*


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Drew’s News!

  • Licensed PS4 Media Remote coming this fall! (link)
  • Goat Simulator Coming to PS4, PS3 on August 11th (link)
  • Alex Morgan to Join Lionel Messi on Fifa 16 US Cover (link)
  • Sony Announces PS4 Led U.S. Console And Software Sales In JuneĀ (link)
  • Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Ends at $6.3 Million, Most Ever for a Video Game (link)
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