Ohmygosh, the sheer, unbridled joy streaming from Jeff’s mouth over Destiny can’t be quelled even by the quippy and painfully-witty comments Drew and I (Robin) come up with for each item of Jeff’s 20-some-item list. Seriously, it’s pretty cute how much love this man has for this game.

Other than Destiny, we talk about the Vita, gaming with a baby (Jeff even gets a gift from Scott and myself), King’s Quest, and how much we miss Rachel and she doesn’t miss us. No, Rachel, don’t try to deny it…you don’t miss us and you know what, I’m glad you forgot your DS charger while you ABANDONED us! (I’mkiddingimissyoucomeback).


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Latest Events We Care About (AKA “Drew’s News”)

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  • Rainbow Six Siege delayed to December (link)
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  • GUILLERMO DEL TORO VOWS NEVER TO WORK ON A VIDEO GAME AGAIN (the caps are all Jeff’s fault) (link)


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