Anime Expo 2012 – Day 2

Did day 1 wet your appetite for more Anime Expo 2012 coverage? Well you are in luck! Here is day 2 of our Anime Expo 2012 coverage. We have some awesome interviews lined up which include NIS America, Toyota x Studio 4? and more! First of all here’s Deedo and I are kicking off day 2:

(More videos and pictures after the break!)

Our next interview is probably Deedo’s most favorite interview he did at Anime Expo 2012. Deedo got a chance to sit down and talk with Ryan Phillips, Marketing Coordinator of NIS America. If you have seen the reviews on the site you definitely know that Deedo is a huge fan of NIS America. Take a look at what NIS America has coming up and even some insight on how to get into the video game industry.

For more information about NIS America check out their website:

Ever since I saw the trailer for Ni No Kuni I instantly wanted it. This is the Level 5 and Studio Ghibli video game joint. I got a chance to talk with Dennis Lee, Sr. Global Brand Manager of Namco Bandai Games about Ni No Kuni. Get a peek into what they have in store for this game coming out early next year!

To learn more about Ni No Kuni (and to pre-order the awesome Wizard’s Edition, I already did!) head on over to:

If you follow the Kita! Anime Podcast you know I am a big fan of Ano Natsu De Matteru so I had to stop by Sentai Filmworks to see what they have coming down the pipeline. Check out this interview with David Williams of Sentai Filmworks and find out what is coming from them soon.

Head on over to to get their latest releases.

When you think Anime Expo, the first name you think of is probably not Toyota. Now how about Toyota x Studio 4?? Yes we managed to get an interview with Hiroshi Inagawa of Toyota and Marimisa Cline of Studio 4?. Check out this interview and figure out what is Peace, Eco Smile!

To find out more about PES and watch the actual episodes head on over to I highly recommend you watch the episodes! They are a fun and enjoyable.

While I was taking a break at Anime Expo 2012 I saw a booth that caught my eye. The people were carrying a giant crochet Totoro down the exhibit hall. I knew we had to get an interview with Ami Amour, cute crochet creatures. Take a look at this interview with Sharon about her cute creations.

 To find out more or get your own crochet creature (I’ll probably be commissioning one soon) check out

Next up is friend of the site Otaku Social Network. Deedo has been an active member on this social network for Otakus since 2009. We got a chance to talk with Soo, the admin of the site, and see what is going on. Sorry about the audio quality of this video, there was a technical glitch during the recording.

To join the Otaku Social Network and meet some awesome people (plus have a chance of winning some awesome prizes) head on over to

Here at Ktdata.Net we are big fans of Bags of Crap/Grab Bags. So we couldn’t pass up the chance to get a few. Here’s a 2 videos of Deedo and my grab bags. Deedo got a pretty good haul and I got a dud (you can see me try to justify to myself that it was worth the $20 I spent).

Deedo’s Grab Bag:

My (Ktdata) Grab Bag:

As you can see we had a full day of Anime Expo 2012 coverage. So much that by the end of the day Deedo and I were starving (we didn’t get lunch). We decided to head over to Little Tokyo with the Otaku Social Network crew and get some ramen. If you check out the Ktdata.Net Raws you can see Soo trying to do the spicy ramen challenge. Here is our day 2 closing video… something interesting happened right before we filmed this. Find out what in the video!

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