CES 2012: Day 1

A new year means a new year of cool gadget releases! The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the show for all different electronic vendors to show off all the cool gadgets they will be releasing during the whole year. It’s a industry only event, so no public is allowed. Fear not! We here at Ktdata.Net got you covered. Check out the videos below of all the cool things that I saw on the trade show floor during day 1. The show takes up the entire Las Vegas Convention center and surrounding hotels so it is 4 days long! Believe me, 4 days is not enough to see everything! I wish I had a month to explore! I hope you all enjoy what I found on day 1 and expect videos from the other days really soon!

Check out more videos and gadgets after the page break!

The first video is the Video Name Tag. What Video Name tag is small display device that you use as a name tag. It is a pretty neat little device that adds some flair to boring old name tags. The company is also looking for clothing manufactures who would want to integrate a video name tag in them too.

If you want more information about Video Name Tag head on over to http://videonametag.com.

The next booth I stopped at was the AfterShokz booth. These are headphones but you don’t stick them in your ears, you stick them on your temples! It uses bone conduction technology to deliver sound directly into your head. I know what you are thinking, this sounds crazy and the audio is probably horrible. I thought that too until I tried a pair and they work really well. It’s not the best sound you can get but it’s perfect for people who want to listen to music and hear their surroundings at the same time (I’m looking at you runner out there).

Head on over to http://aftershokz.com if you want to snag yourself a pair! (I think I might be getting myself a pair too.)

Now onto the Sonomax eers, my current go to headphones. The Sonomax eers are the most comfortable pair of headphones I have ever tried. The trick is that they are custom molded to my ears. Normally the process takes weeks and costs a lot money but the Sonomax eers can be fitted in about 10 minutes (by yourself too might I add). You can see the whole process in the video below:

If you want to get a pair of the world’s most comfortable headphones head on over to http://myeers.com.

Now onto an awesome gift for the Apple device owner in your life. Xybotyx’s Xybot iPhone/iPod dock. You might be going “KT why in the world are you excited about a dock?” Well here is why, the Xybot is a fully autonomous robot when you dock your iPhone or iPod touch into it. It also has a remote mode where you can control the dock with another iOS device. It might not be the most practical dock, but it still a cool toy to play around with. Check it out in action below:

Is this a perfect stocking stuffer? Head on over to http://xybotyx.com to pre-order now!

Now something for those people who must have a keyboard on them at all time. CTX Virtual Technologies is a company that specializes in making virtual keyboards. This is really cool stuff and I think people who travel would love having some of the devices they make.

Go to http://ctxtechnologies.com to see their complete lineup of products.

Are you like me and write a lot of reminder notes? I know I usually have a wastebasket full of sticky notes and paper because I just need to write something down temporarily. Improv Electronics has a great green solution, the Boogie Board. Check it out in the video below:

You can get a Boogie Board on Amazon right now or at http://improvelectronics.com.

What do you do when you are done with your electronics? Do you just throw them away? How about getting some cash for all those old electronic toy that you don’t need anymore? Check out my interview with Anthony Scarsella of Gazelle.com.

Head on over to http://gazelle.com to see what you can trade in today!

So that’s it for day 1. I didn’t even manage to walk the entire south hall in one day! Keep your eyes out for the other days of CES 2012 really soon!

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