Ktdata.Net Raw: Anime Expo 2012 Day 0 & 1

I’m introducing something new to the site to keep you guys updated on what is happening while Deedo and I still at Anime Expo 2012. Here are some quick videos I took with my phone, they are pretty rough and just updates. I’ll have the video interviews up once I edit them after I get home. Most of these videos are of Deedo and I discussing things we are about to do during the day. I hope you enjoy all these “raw” videos, you will notice a big difference between them and the polished videos we push out. If you guys want more of these videos please let me know!

We are posting these raw videos live if you keep an eye on my Twitter account @Ktdata and Deedo is posting pictures daily on our Facebook page here.

Day 0

Our first video is an update from the airport before we take off. Someone decided that a 6:30AM flight was a good idea… I won’t say who (Deedo).

(More videos after the break)

 This was the majority of our day when we arrived in Los Angeles, the Day 0 pickup line. Anime Expo lets you pick up your badge a day early if you pre-register. Here we are in line… a bit early.

After that long and horrible wait to get our passes, it was probably the worst experience we had at Anime Expo 2012, Deedo and I finally get a chance to refuel in Little Tokyo. We definitely needed that refresher after that long, long wait in line.

 Day 1

The first day of Anime Expo finally arrives! Before we hit the convention floor, Deedo and I fuel up for the day. We decided to give you an update and watch Deedo be amazed with a pancake machine.

So Deedo and I thought we were done with the line thing for this year’s Anime Expo but it looks like we were wrong. We got put into another line to get into the exhibit hall. While we waited we decided to make another video update, I mean why not? All we are doing is waiting in line with the hot sun bearing down on us!

One of the highlights of the day was getting to go to the AniMetal USA concert. I was a big fan of the original AniMetal and seeing how AniMetal USA is a tribute band, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Here’s a quick update video from Deedo and I before the concert.

Want to know if AniMetal USA rocks or not? Take a look at a video I took of them performing the Gatchaman theme song!

After AniMetal USA rocked our face’s off we decided to make a quick video to tell you guys about the show. If you guys get a chance to check them out you definitely should.

So that’s all the Ktdata.Net raw videos I have for day 0 and 1 right now. If the hotel wifi connection holds (it’s hotel wifi… you guys know how it is) I will try and get day 2 up early tomorrow morning. We got a few more videos from that! Also if you would like to see all these live and as they happen, make sure you check out both Facebook and Twitter.

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