Ktdata.Net Raw: Anime Expo 2012 Day 2

Here we are on day 2 of Anime Expo! It was a pretty busy day… so busy that we didn’t get to make an update video until the middle of the day. We finally took a break and made this beauty right here. I got a bit distracted at the end of the video!

(More videos after the break.)

We scheduled an interview with Funimation on Day 3 of Anime Expo and Sully, the person in charge of the booth on the floor told us that we should check out the panel. Here’s an update as we wait to get in, who said we didn’t try to do some research before our interviews?

While in Little Tokyo we had to get some Ramen! The line was pretty long so we Deedo and I decided it was a good time to give you another update. Check out the video to see us recap the day’s events and even see a guest appearance with some of the Otaku Social Network crew (http://otakusocialnetwork.com).

Bonus Video!

Here’s a video of Soo (admin of the Otaku Social Network) attempting to do the Orochon number 2 30 min challenge. It’s not the entire thing (I was busy gobbling down my ramen!) but it gives you a taste of what he had to go through.

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