1st Post!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I’m Deedo, i’ll be posting on Ktdata’s blog site reviewing Anime, Anime Movies and Video Games. If there’s any suggestions on things i can do to improve in my reviews please let me know. I’m kinda new at this so anything will help me.

Well for now I’m going to tell about an idea i wanna do. I’m sure most of you have heard about a kid who traded from a used croquet set to a Sports car.

Clipped from http://www.autointhenews.com/teen-trades-up-on-craigslist-from-phone-to-porsche-in-2-years/


So what i’m going to be trying here isn’t really anything this big, but i was going to put up one of my figures and see how far i can get. So for now i’ll leave with this, and if anyone has interest or questions in this trade, just ask. And here’s a picture of what i’m going to be trading.
Figure Trade

Thank you everyone!

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