BLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included)

Okay so i’m a fan of art, and i’m not just talking about gallery art. But illustration art, here’s just an example of what i mean that i just found.


Now, this version of this publishing comes with a figma from Black Rock Shooter. If your not familiar with BRS, its a anime short that is now a game on the PSP. But this ver seems to be a off shoot of BRS but don’t know all the details about this ver.
It seems to be a nice figure and has this, Kingdom Heart feel to it with the blue crown on her head, and i’m still torn on if i like it or not.





Either way i have preordered this and if you feel like you want one to (if i doesn’t sell out) you can try here.


This is not the only one places you can preorder this, but there are more. If you like to know more just say so and i can post more links. Well enjoy~

Oh yes, all images are from Hobby Search and holds all rights to these images. I just used them for this review.

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