We talk about turn order, review Yu-Gi-Oh, and super crappy super rares.

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Show Notes:

Topics Covered

  • Turn Order
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Reviewed:
    • Character Cards
      • Blade knight: Solo Act
      • Breaker the Magical Warrior: Mana Break
      • Buster Blader: Dragon Slayer
      • Doomcaliber Knight: Fiendish Fighter
      • Curse of Dragon: Bony Body
      • Gaia the Fierce Knight: Spiral Shaver
      • Goblin Attack Force: Unruly Throng
      • Harpy Lady Sisters: Trio of Terror
      • Injection Fairy Lily: Rocket Attack
      • Kuriboh: Explosive Body
      • Millenium Rod: Scepter of Supremacy
      • Millenium Puzzle: The Eternal Dungeon
      • Man-Eater Bug: Gaping Maw
      • Mystical Elf: Everlasting Support
      • Ring of Magnetism: Action Attraction
      • Red-Eyes B. Dragon: Inferno Fire Blast
      • Saggi the Dark Clown: Dark Slayer
      • Sangan: Zealous Supporter
      • Summond Skull: Lightning Strike
    • “Super” Rares
      • Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Monsterous Dragon
      • Jinzo: Trap Destroyer
      • Thousand Dragon: Noxious Nostril Gust
    • Basic Actions
      • Mirror Force
      • Change of Heart
      • Crush Card Virus
      • Monster Reborn
      • Mystic Box Global
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