The 11th Card: Betrayal, New Keywords, and fizzle cards.

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Topics Covered

  • 11th Card: Betrayal

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  • New Keywords:
    • Crossover – Crossover characters have two or more types of energy. To purchase them you’ll need to spend at least one of each type of energy they require. You won’t be able to reduce their cost to avoid paying each type of energy to purchase their dice. They count as every type of energy you must spend to purchase their die.
    • Impulse – When you purchase a character die with Impulse, you may immediately use their Impulse ability.
    • Synergy – While a character with Synergy is active, you can pay the cost of their Synergy ability to use it.
    • Crosspulse – Crosspulse is a special version of Impulse found only on Crossover Characters. When you only spend the matching type of energy to purchase them, you get to use their Crosspulse ability.
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  • Fizzle Cards
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