Guardians of the Galaxy Draft Cheat Sheet

Guardians of the Galaxy

Draft Cheat Sheet

Written by Zacgree

This is a little cheat sheet that Double Burst has come up with to help you out in your drafts. It lists our favorite cards in the set and a little reminder on how they can help you win your draft. That way no matter what you pull in your packs you can find something that works for you. Good luck!!

You can also download a double sided, printer friendly version of the Cheat Sheet here.

Top draft win conditions

Captain America: Chemistry Project 5

At the end of your Attack Step, if Captain America was blocked but not KO’d, he deals damage equal to his A to target opponent.

  • Use with Blink Transmutation global, Nova Corps Uniform, and anything else that buffs his attack


Drax: Reborn 3

While Drax is active, once per turn, if another character die is KO’d, Drax gets +3A.

  • Pair with Truce to buff Drax and KO the potential blockers


Dum Dum Dugan: Hardened by War 2

Dum Dum Dugan gets +1A for each of your Sidekick dice in the Field Zone.

  • If you like aggro get as many of him as possible, and attack fast and often. Pair with good churning


Squirrel Girl: Nutty Nanny 4

While Squirrel Girl is active, at the beginning of your Clear and Draw Step, field a 1A and 1D Squirrel Token.

  • She is a great way of getting lots of characters out. Pair with buffs like Heroic Defense or The Front Line


Thanos: Throwing Down the Gauntlet 7

When fielded, name an opposing character, replacing all previous choices. While Thanos is active, the named character cannot be fielded. While Thanos is active, when the named character is put into the Used Pile, Thanos deals your opponent 4 damage.

  • If you can ramp to buy him do it and name a character your opponent buys a lot of


Yellowjacket: Identity Crisis 4

When Yellowjacket attacks, you may spin him down 1 level. If you do, he is unblockable this turn.

  • Pair him with buffs, and use the mutation global to spin him up


Yondu: Ruthless Pirate 5

When fielded, Yondu deals 1 damage to your opponent for each of your active guardians of the galaxy characters.

  • Pair with good Guardian characters, especially the cheap ones. Be sure you have a way to KO him


Black Widow: Spider’s Bite 4

Infiltrate – While Black Widow is active, when your character dice use Infiltrate they deal an additional damage.

  • Pair with as many infiltrate characters as you can get. Cheap ones like common Ricochet, or The Spot


Cosmic Cube: Energy of the Beyonders 2

Whenever an Action die or character ability deals damage this turn, increase that damage by 2.

  • Must have a way to deal direct damage with an Action or Character ability. Black Bolt, Unstable Canister


Madame Web: The Great Web Unravels 4

When Madam Web attacks, you may pay 2. If you do, all opposing characters must block Madame Web this turn.

  • Get beefy characters out, and then make your opponent block her instead of them


The Collector: Taneleer Tivan 5

While The Collector is active, once per turn, you may pay the Purchase Cost of target unpurchased character die minus 2 (to a minimum of 1). If you do, field that character die at level 1. Return that die to its owner’s card at end of turn or when it leaves the Field Zone.

  • Works great if you draft a good “when fielded” ability that you want to trigger every turn


Top Support

Adam Warlock: The Being Known as Him 5
While Adam Warlock is active, your character’s die’s “When fielded” effects trigger twice.

  • Use with common Mantis, SR Norman Osborn, UC Yondu or other good “when fielded” abilities


Black Widow: Red Scare 3

Call Out (When this character die attacks, target character die is the only character die that may block this character die.)

  • This can be a good way to KO an opposing character that is hurting your team


Mantis: Celestial Madonna 3

When fielded, draw a die from your bag and add it to your Prep Area.

  • One of the only ways to get ramp in set


Nova Corps Uniform: One Mind, One Purpose 2

When fielded, equip to a character. That die gets +2A and +2D. If that character die leaves the Field Zone, send this die to the Used Pile.

  • Great way to keep a good character buffed, or to continually buff something after attacking


S.W.O.R.D. Agent: Eyes Beyond Earth 2

Ally – S.W.O.R.D. Agent gets +1D for every Sidekick die in either player’s Field Zone

  • If you need a good blocker or two, this is a cheap way if paired with sidekicks


Rocket Raccoon: Rigging Up Destruction 3

When Rocket Raccoon is KO’d, deal his A to target character die.

  • This can be a good way to KO an opposing character that is hurting your team


The Spot: Portal Jumper 2

While The Spot is active, whenever you draw and roll a die outside your Clear and Draw Step (excluding dice drawn from The Spot’s ability), draw and roll an extra die.

  • Pair with Superhero Registration Act or Relaxing for some extra dice to ramp and churn


Cosmo Space Dog: Bozhe Moi! Security Alert! 2

If Cosmo, Space Dog is KO’d while blocking, unblocked attacking character dice deal no more than 2 damage this turn.

  • Cheap option that can allow you to get big attackers through for a fraction of their value


Knowhere: History Shrouded in Mystery 3

You may swap any character die in your Used Pile or Field Zone for an unpurchased character costing 1 more (return the swapped die to its card). Character dice swapped in the Field Zone stay on the same level.

  • Perfect pair if you pull a “What if” SR, or want to continually upgrade to a higher cost character
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