Make Your Own Dice Masters Tournament Tray


Making A Foam Board Tournament Tray

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By Steve the Sage

I have noticed that one of the negative aspects of playing this wonderful game is cleaning up from my last game and setting up for my next game. There is an easier way to accomplish this that is simple and cheap. It’s basically a tray made of foam boards.

You need something solid, cheap and portable. Initially we made them from old cardboard boxes. This is still a good option. Cardboard, however, bends easily and let’s face it, it looks really, really low budget.  So a lot of us, here at Double Burst, use foam boards. It’s available all over, not too expensive, comes in different colors, and is very sturdy.

So to make your own you will need the following:


  1. Foam Board
  2. Exacto Knife #2
  3. Duct tape
  4. Decals, optional
  5. Yardstick

Here, we have several that the store owners graciously let us keep in store. Ask your game store for permission first, find a designated spot and keep them there, otherwise someone will throw them away.

Now you are ready to begin.

STEP 1:  Cutting the foam boards to size.


13 ¾” x 24” is the standard mat size. Foam Board is VERY DIFFICULT to cut. Use the Exacto knife #2 and the yardstick. Scissors, other sharp knives and razor knives do not work. You need something very sharp and precise. HINT: you can avoid this step by going to a copy shop or office supply store. They have cutters that will do this better than you can.

STEP 2: Seal the edges.


You can skip this step if you want. The edges where you cut will after time, start to crumble, flatten, erode and look gross. Seal all edges with duct tape. It comes in so many colors and designs.

STEP 3: Decorate!


Make your board unique. Apply any Decals, stickers or artwork you want.

You can also use the duct tape to “hinge” your board in half for easier transportation.

These will make it so much easier to move around at all your tournaments. After each game, reset your dice on the board, then, just carry your board from game to game, table to table as though it was a lunch tray.

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