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Time to do the same thing every site does this time of the year, make a top 5 list. Considering that Deedo and I do a podcast on Anime, why not make a list of our favorite anime of 2012? You might notice that a lot of the anime was featured on the podcast, but hey it’s the reason why I started the podcast. Keep in mind that these are our personal favorites and there are no numbers behind any of these, it’s just the 5 we liked!

The list starts below the break!

1) Ano Natsu De Matteru

If you have been listening to the podcast you know that I am totally in love with this show. There aren’t that many anime that get me so excited where I’ll do something like commission a plushy of a character. The anime is about a bunch of friends that decide to make a movie during their summer vacation. For the star of the film they get a new transfer student, Ichika Takatsuki, is actually an alien who has traveled to Earth to find a place that she keeps seeing in her dreams. The funny thing about this anime is that it’s not about the fact that Ichika is an alien but the different relationships between all the characters. Fans of Onegai/Please Teacher and Onegai/Please Twins you will definitely like this anime, it’s from the same creator! Just remember: Rinon, Remon (ok I cheated and changed it from Lemon), Ramen!

Clipped from http://www.crunchyroll.com/ano-natsu-de-matteru


2) Kokoro Connect

This is the only anime on my list that didn’t end up being a featured anime on the podcast. That being said, this anime is way too good to pass up. This anime knew how to pull the right heartstrings in every episode. Kokoro Connect is about a group of friends who mysteriously start to switch bodies randomly with each other. Each character reacts differently to the body switching and we learn about some of the inner demons that each character has. It’s definitely an anime to watch and, if you can, marathoning it will keep you from agonizing to see the next episode. I really didn’t expect to get this from this anime but it totally sucked me in.

Clipped from http://www.crunchyroll.com/kokoro-connect


3) Kuroko’s Basketball

First of all let me just say I love basketball that fact alone sold me on this anime. I haven’t seen an anime about basketball since Slam Dunk. You really can’t go wrong with this anime, even if you aren’t a sports fan. What scared me about this anime was that it would get repetitive very quickly. Kuroko’s Basketball managed to keep it new and fresh every episode, there was a good balance of action both on and off the court. Plus Tetsuya #2 is too adorable to not watch this anime (I actually own the plush!). The ending was a bit slow for me but I can’t wait for the spring to see how Seirin does in the winter cup!

Clipped from http://www.crunchyroll.com/kurokos-basketball


4) Psycho-Pass

So far all the anime I have mentioned has been on the light side, Kokoro Connect is probably the darkest. Psycho-Pass on the other hand is definitely a darker anime. In the world of Psycho-Pass everything is quantifiable, including a person’s mental state, which is called their Psycho-Pass. If a person’s psycho-pass gets too high, the person is considered a latent criminal. Overseeing this is the SIYBL system, it decides what your job will be and your mental state, all in the name of making sure everyone is happy. Akane Tsunemori is the newest member of the public safety bureau and the anime follows her as she discovers the world and SYBL might not be utopia everyone promised. The reason I love this anime is that it brings up philosophical questions in a world where are relying more and more on technology.

Clipped from http://www.funimation.com/psycho-pass/episodes


5) Sword Art Online

What happens if a game is more than a game? Where if you die in game you die in real life? Sword Art Online (SAO) is an anime that asks that question, you literally plug your mind into the game to play. We follow Kirito as he tries to battle his way through the game so he can free everyone from this virtual prison. You might be wondering why in the world isn’t higher on the list; it is a fairly popular anime right now. The reason why is the first half of the anime was really good, you felt for the characters and could see their drive to beat this game. The second half on the other hand is a bit disappointing, you just don’t get the same feel and drive from the characters like you did in the first half. It might just be the victim of such a good first half but because of the second half it got a lower ranking for me in this list. If anything I would consider the first half a must watch and the second being pretty much optional.

Clipped from http://www.crunchyroll.com/sword-art-online


So that’s my top 5 anime of 2012. Let us know in the comments below, on twitter or facebook your top 5 anime of 2012.

I just wanted to say thanks for all of you guys who have been watching, listening and/or reading the stuff Deedo and I have been doing. We love doing all of this stuff and it means even more when we see that you guys enjoy it too! Here’s to 2013 and what new adventures that await us!

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