Deedo’s Top 5: Animes of 2012.

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Well this year has ended but that doesn’t mean we can’t relive the good times we had this year. So I’ve put together my top 5 anime of 2012, but keep in mind that this list was very hard to put together since I watch a crap ton of animes. To help me with this I had to turn to the internet to remind me what came out this year and oh the memories~


My list doesn’t really have some of the animes we reviewed even though I liked them, but this year so many good ones came out around at the same time as our review animes so now, The List!

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

If you haven’t checked this anime out you need to right now, no i mean it you click the link and watch! This story i couldn’t stop enjoying and was always waiting for the next episode to come out i’m not sure if it’s because of how each character was just so colorful or just how watching Sorata over come his self doubt and starting to making his game. But one of the characters that i just couldn’t help but to enjoy was Misaki just for the fact that she doesn’t seem to know what the word depressed means. After watching the first episode you’ll be wanting to watch the whole show just to see the relationship from Sorata and Mashiro.

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Kore Wa Zombie of the Dead.

This show i had to get KT to watch since the first season cracked me up more then Those Who Hunt Elves. From this whole season i showed KT what a zombie was, how to teach kids to cook eggs, zombie coffee and how to be a back stage dancer. Even though we reviewed this show i can’t help to think that it could have been just a bit better but i guess i’ll have to wait for another season, OAV or maybe even a movie. But either way i’m sure Aikawa well get it in the end… (heh heh heh)

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Accel World

The first thing i thought of when i saw this show was, “Dafuq is with this short fat kid”. But after the first 2-3 episodes you get past his appearance and start enjoying the the story. Unlike Sword Art Online that we’ve been reviewing this online game you don’t die from if you lose but it’s a online battle MMO game. Once installed in your Neuro Linker you can access the online battles not to mention you can slow down reality, but either way this was a great show and i really hope for a second season.

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The sequel to Bakemonogatari but puts more focus on the Araragi sisters (Fire Sisters) since in the first season they only made a small appearance. But unlike the first season i waited till it finished and binged watched it all in about a day and a half.  Seeing the relationship of Araragi and his Sisters makes me laugh since he tries to keep a cool head about it all but when he loses it boy does he loses it. But can’t help to laugh at how he treats Hachikugi at any time they meet. But i have to put this on my list just for the fact that i enjoyed this series for all it’s humor and random events.

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Okay i’ll admit this was a guilty pleasure to watch and it’s not because it’s a harm but because of the story. At first i couldn’t understand what was going on but  after rewatching it i think i got to like it more. There is a small history lessons about some of the gods in this and it’s very entertaining, but the one thing about this show that i couldn’t help to enjoy just was how average Godou is and he keeps that attitude even though he’s a “god slayer” and has to fight other Campiones or even the occasional rouge god, oh not to mention random glowing horse. If you have any interest in this anime then give it a watch at the very least you’ll have a good laugh since it reminds me Tenchi but with more, “history lessons”.

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I wish i didn’t have to just pick from just 5 anime, but of them these 5 stood out and wanted to share a few shows that we didn’t get to cover in the show. Thank you for your time and reading this, be sure if you enjoy these to check out out our podcast. Hope you all have a good new year and wait to see what new animes we all get to see.


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