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Errata That!

What’s up friends? Brown Messiah bringing you another Errata That! follow up from Layne and his dad Mark out in Indiana. This is our second run on this article and my hope is to get this series running in tandem with the segment as we record them, I have been working with Layne and Mark, fans of our Errata That! segment we feature on the show. They like it so much that Layne has taken to creating his own custom cards based off our own erratas that we have on the podcast. Check out Episode 18 and Episode 23 to hear what we had to say about Hawkeye: What Kind of Arrow? from Age of Ultron and White Lantern Wonder Woman from Green Arrow and The Flash. Thank you Layne and Mark for doing us the honor of inspiring your creativity and we hope to keep these articles going to keep it casual and keep it fun in DIce Masters. Now let’s check out these erratas!

Hawkeye: What Kind of Arrow?




Layne had a good take on this Hawkeye. I still find it laughable that this is the card we get in our draft packs. Like really? What? Why??? But I digress, despite the silly situation Hawkeye gives us, Layne finds a slightly better situation.

“My Errata That! Hawkeye card is based on the silliness of his subtitle ‘What Kind Of Arrow.’ If he is not aware of what kind of weapon he is using, he probably does not know how to organize his arrows or anything else, and that is why his list of abilities is goofy.”  

Steve came to the table with a great card for this segment. And we roasted this one quite well. Layne’s take on Hawkeye, with a custom Paint alt-art that I find humorous and well spirited, went the practical route by giving the controller three different options upon fielding. He is firing the bow right? The first two are pretty standard choices in my opinion but the third option I find interesting, fun, and already way more useful than what is written on the actual card. Sacrifice isn’t really a great mechanic in the game at this point. Maybe with future sets it could be a mechanic that will have its place. But for now, no thank you. Of course Hawkeye must be blindfolded, what kind of archer would Hawkeye be if he couldn’t pull that one off?

White Lantern Wonder Woman: Life Endures




Layne had some good things to say about this card. Especially when it comes to the flavor!

“For the White Lantern Wonder Woman™, after reading Blackest Night/Brightest Day, as the White Lanterns were used to defeat the Black Lanterns, it only made sense that the card would reflect that. Having an impulse/crosspulse ability to KO a villain is not super rare or all-energy-type impressive. The modified card’s ability is the essence of what all the White Lantern cards should be. The White Lanterns should be able to defeat the Black Lantern characters, whether the ability is to blank their text, remove them from the field, or tax their purchase and fielding.”

Alright. Let’s just face it, aside from The Flash, White Lantern Wonder Woman has got to be the worst Super Rare in the game. Other than The Flash, I always thought that Robe of the Archmagi was the worst SR in the game. I mean, outside of D&D it’s pretty much useless but even in set, it still has its place. But I think we have found an even worse SR in WLWW. Layne’s errata is very appropriate especially with the correction of Crosspulse. White is the opposite of black so logically it would mean that White Lanterns would trounce Black Lanterns. I personally think the global is a bit overkill but hey it’s suppose to be fun so why not just wreck your opponent’s Black Lanterns? On a serious errata from my own end I agree with the boys in that if she is going to be max 1 die, her ability of KOing villians should be a “when fielded” effect. If we only get one die we may as well make it worth it by rolling her and fielding her as many times as we can.  

Basic Action Card: Escape




This custom Basic Action Card Layne came up with was really cool. We have never actually tackled a Basic Action on the show before so props to the kid for hitting an area we haven’t exploited…. yet.

“For the Escape Basic Action Card, I was inspired by the Infiltrate BAC, and I wanted to find a fix if my opponent was using it. Hence: the Escape BAC, which is also an answer for the all-villain teams against Batgirl: Stealth Bat and all the Casey Jones cards from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set.”

Escape would definitely be one of those niche BAC’s you could run. Affiliation teams can be very strong and can be very hard to deal with when they get going. Villains stand to be the strongest affiliation in the game with Avengers and Justice League to follow. Seems a bit counter-intuitive to me. Shouldn’t the heroes be stronger than the villains? So Escape provides some cool disruption to your opponent’s affiliation synergy. I know I wouldn’t mind more BAC’s that had more to do with affiliations.  

Well that’s all we got for you this time but make sure you tune into the show for more Errata That! We love doing this segment and we open you all to send us your Errata That! Thanks for reading and may the rolls be with you, always.




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