Savage Gains



By Steve the Sage.

Although it isn’t part of the current meta, the aspect of gaining life in Dice Masters is very appealing to me. There are a few cards that have actually worked for me in casual play. Although this will not be a complete list of cards that gain life, it will be those that I have used or intrigue me.

First off, is the Silver Sable, Wild Pack from The Amazing Spider-Man starter. For me, she has not only saved me, but won me many games. She is a 4 cost with solid stats. Like the common Cheetah from the Justice League set, after a while, she gets annoying for your opponent. Her ability is when she is blocked, I gain a life, and my opponent loses a life. So, I am always attacking with her. I don’t need a force block, because at a 3, 4, or 4 attack, my opponent can only let it through so many times. Levels 1 and 2 have a small defense, so if she is blocked, she will probably be back next turn.



Next, and this one involves a few other cards as well, is Power Girl, Solar Power Absorption. Her ability gives me 2 life at the start of my turn if I have a different Team Superman character fielded. This is harder to play, but worth it. I use a Lois Lane common, and a KryptoOf the Basic Actions, I prefer Heroic Defense, which gives my characters +1/+1, and gives me life if they are KO’D.















It usually makes my other characters big enough that they have to be blocked.

I’ve saved the best for last. That would be Wolverine,  Lord of the Vampires. While active, he deals one damage to my opponent  each time one of their characters knock out, plus one life for me. The major problem with him is he is a Crossover, four energy type, that costs six. You have to get him out early, which is difficult.




I ran a deck using the four cards mentioned. In casual play, I found I could consistently gain an extra 20 life over the entire game. My other cards had the Keyword Deadly, or a similar effect. This ensured a knock out on both defense and offense.  Rarely did I fall below 15 life.

Not all life gain cards are mentioned. Be careful that you don’t rely on this ability for a win condition. I found it works best as enhancing your win condition. Also, use this ability with cards that put your opponent in a situation where they will lose life while you gain it.

As always, we here at Double Burst would love to hear your ideas for using life gain strategies and cards.

In conclusion, I found this to be a fun way to play, but frustrating for your opponent. It won’t win against WKO meta decks. In your weekly games, however, it can be very fun. Give it a try.

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