Anime Expo 2013 Mash up!



This year KT and I did two separate conventions so I wasn’t able to do interviews but I took a lot of photos. This year’s Anime Expo was the biggest attendance yet with, yes you guessed it, “Over 9000” anime, manga, game fans and cosplayers gathered together to show off their skilled costume or meet old and new friends. Also this year AX got a few bands and artist  to perform at the convention. There was the Visual Kei concert that featured 3 bands/artist, Cell, Moon Stream and Kaya. Also performing was Porno Graffitti which is known for some Anime openings like one of the Fullmetal Alchemist and Magi opening. Not to mention Good Smile with Huke and Max Factory with our old friends at Cake Nana.

Visual Kei Concert.




This band only started up a year ago but follow the old style of Visual Kei and is more of a “heavy and dark” sound of rock/metal which I liked. Their band name comes from the blood cells that connects us all together and gives us life, I was able to sit in on their Q&A also to get some photos of them at their booth. At first I felt a bit intimidated but as the Q&A was going on and seeing them at their booth doing photos they’re quite the goofball and laid back personality not to mention loves their fan base, due to that in most Japanese concerts they do this thing called Furifuri which you would mimic the band/artist on stage but in this case it was a seated concert and not many of the people was standing and they felt as though they weren’t liked.


Moon Stream 


This band was more mellow than Cell but also did a great performance and presented a good rhythm style of music which is similar to Larc and Ceil amd Jane D Crc. Unfortunately I didn’t get to check out their panel but still enjoyed their music.




I’ll just say this now so no one gets confused later, yes that’s a guy. His almost pop idolish visual kei look leaves me confused but completely enjoying his performance. He has a more modern style of visual kei that’s kinda gone to the “glam” side so his music was a cross from pop and dance music with a ton of rhythm to get you moving. I’ve not really heard of Kaya till this concert but got drawn in and had a blast.



Porno Graffitti


I didn’t get to watch this concert but since they did some anime openers I figure to put them in because I also like their music.


Goodsmile Company, Huke, Ultra Super Picture and Max Factory 


Next up is the Good Smile Company, Huke and Ultra Super Picture & Max Factory. If any of these names sticks bells it’s Good Smile Company since it’s one of the largest anime figure manufacturer in Japan that was with the company that makes all my favorite Figmas Max Factory. But it gets better since if you’re not familiar with Huke then you might know his art work since he’s is the artist who does Black Rock Shooter, Stein’s Gate and some of the art for Metal Gear Solid. Don’t worry I didn’t forget about the animation team that worked on most of the CG animation in anime, Ultra Super Pictures that’s done work in Black Rock Shooter, Stein’s Gate and 009 Re:Cyborg also a few other animes.  Also during this panel Huke was doing a live sketch of a new BRS character.

Cake Nana.


Remember them from last year? Well they’ve redone their game with new HD graphics more game play, characters and now it’s out on Apple Store market! I only had a brief moment to talk with them but it was great to see you guys again and can’t wait to play Cake Nana again! Check them out on their website:


Over all I had a great time and to everyone who I met and talked with and those who I didn’t get a chance to talk with I’m sorry and hope to find you next year! Sorry for the pictures they got uploaded all weird. Also I’ve got all these photos posted on our facebook page so if you see your picture you can go ahead and tag yourself in it.



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