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Busou Shinki is the name of mini robots that compete in battles in a virtual battlefield.  But here they’re figures made by Konami they dubbed the name “MMS” (Multi Moveable System) with a code card to a online game called Battle Rondo where it’s a turn based RPG style online game that your able to customize your characters with the weapons and armor you get from buying the Busou Shinki’s.

What i got today is some bookmarks of what is known as “Dakimakura” of some the Busou Shinki girls Arnval Mk2, Strarf Mk2, Oorbellen, and Zilvern. These are normally freebee’s but i never got them when i ordered so i found someone who sold me the set for a good price.

The Busou Shinki franchise has been around since September 2006 in Japan then came to America in April 2007 but Battle Rondo didn’t come to America, but you can still play the game if you register a Japanese address when making an account.   There are currently 17 waves 4 Light Armor sets and a couple special releases oh and a lot of repaints and have 2 PSP game releases with 2 of there figures in the Limited Edition set called Battle Masters. The PSP games play a lot different from it’s online counter part but can still play others online. Now with a anime that just came out about a year ago called Moon Angel that’s a 10 ep ova that runs for about 30 mins total, the Busou Shinki’s have come along way.

Game Play from Battle Rondo

 Battle Master

Moon Angel (Anime)

And this is just some fun someone had with the Busou Shinki’s

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