What’s up everybody! We are the LittleBigKast. We hope that you enjoy episode 55 (we put a lot of work into these episodes)! On this specific episode, Rachel admits that she plays other things BESIDES Sony products. Robin says “goodbye” to her online video game streaming virginity. Drew talks about teaching his children to critical think when gaming instead of jumping to online videos, and lastly, Jeff reminisces spending hours in the public library printing pages, and pages for a free Final Fantasy walkthrough. Our topic this week is Strategy guides: Cheater, or a completionist’s best friend? All of this and more on this episode of the LittleBigKast.

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In this episode Drew gets sweaty, Robin learns to run from ebooks and Rachel takes her relationship to a whole new portal. Jeff keeps playing Destiny and binges Daredevil. We speculate on Hideo Kojima’s exit from Konami and  what it means for Silent Hills and the removal of P.T. from PSN. We make some comparisons  on the newly released size of the Witcher III map. It’s rumored to be 3.5 times larger than the Skyrim world! Along with all of our silly bantering and chit-chattery we even talk about the free games coming to Playstation Plus in the month of May. Lots of stuff for the PS4 this month!

Rachel’s Releases for this week: (Read more…)

Back in 2001 Zone of the Enders (ZoE) released as one of the first 3D space battle games to come out for the Playstation 2 and 11 years later the remastered HD ZoE comes out with a re-rendered battle system new opener and the European Special Edition of the 2nd Runner, and a new opening animation from the studio Sunrise.

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Heeeeello Nurse!

Just this Tuesday a new download game on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstaton Network was released called Skull Girls. A unique 2D fighting game by Autumn Games and Konami. I first heard about this game a few months back and after some game trailers and preview battle system I’ve been on the fence, but i did end up getting it. At first it’s very nice and clean for the animation and game play, plus all the unique characters. (Read more…)

Busou Shinki’s Stuff

Busou Shinki is the name of mini robots that compete in battles in a virtual battlefield.  But here they’re figures made by Konami they dubbed the name “MMS” (Multi Moveable System) with a code card to a online game called Battle Rondo (Read more…)