Captain America is the last of the films made to introduce people to the team that will be featured in next year’s The Avengers movie. It introduces Steve Rodgers, a young scrawny kid who just wants to stand up to bullies who ends up becoming Captain America and the face of the war. In the movie Steve mentions this line, “I don’t like bullies, no matter where they are from.” That line does an excellent job in describing Steve Rodger’s character throughout the movie.

The movie does an excellent job in making the audience believe why Steve was fighting and why we should be rooting for him. At times during the movie I just wanted to start yelling out “USA! USA! USA!” Now while the movie didn’t get down to the grit of war like Saving Private Ryan did it managed to keep from making the war look like a fairytale story. It was just enough to make us believe that Captain America really was fighting on the front lines again Hitler and his Nazi forces.

One thing I did not expect from this movie was meeting Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s father. Howard played a vital role in the movie and it was interesting to learn more about the man who was Iron Man’s father. It was fun seeing the similarities of father and son, something that we didn’t get to see much of during Iron Man 2. Overall the supporting cast in this movie did an excellent job and many of my favorite lines come from Tommy Lee Jones’s character Colonel Chester Phillips.

My biggest concern in this movie was the shield slinging. Before I saw the movie I was worried that they would make it into a very cheap gimmick during the fight scenes. Fortunately the shield slinging was kept to a minimum and only used during fights when felt like that was the thing to do if you had a shield. The action scenes in the movie delivered everything that I would hope for in a comic book movie without going too far over the top. One of my favorite scenes is when we see Captain America and his team barge into a building with a pistol and shield in hand. Now while that probably wouldn’t happen in real life, it felt more believable than having the Captain run in with just a shield.

Now the question I have been getting from many people is it worth seeing the movie in 3D. I’m not the biggest fan of 3D as very few movies manage to use it in a way that helps bring the movie to life. For Captain America I would say save the money and see it in 2D. While the 3D in the movie wasn’t horrible, I’m looking at you Transformers 3, there weren’t many scenes that could have benefitted from them being in 3D.

Overall this movie turned out to be an excellent watch, it is a movie that is worth going out to see in the theaters. It did a great job in introducing us to another member of The Avengers team and even as a stand-alone movie does a great job at keeping people entertained. The characters were very well fleshed out and this has me excited to see The Avengers movie next year. If you are looking for a great action film to see this weekend I highly suggest Captain America: The First Avenger.


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