Last time on Mugen Souls, Lady Chou-Chou conquered the seven worlds and became the Undisputed God of the Universe. Now it’s time to set her sights on something bigger; the twelve planets of the zodiac! Meet Nao the self proclaimed hero who is on the hunt for her legendary weapon but ends up finding a coffin that contained a sleeping girl named Syrma who claims to be a Ultimate God. After some time wandering around, Lady Chou-Chou meets up with our Hero in training and Ultimate God. Ever wonder what happens when the Undisputed God and Ultimate God cross paths? Find out in Mugen Souls Z!



Battle System



The battle system is straight forward, you have a 3D area that allows you to move anywhere within your circle radius and when you are in attacking distance (an arrow pops up when you are) you can select your action.




The ship battles system is like a fun game of rock, paper, scissors were you pick your action and watch the events unfold.





When you explore the twelve worlds you can uncover buried treasure, jump and fly. You can make your own customizable characters, have them fight how you like, and dress them any way you want after you obtain the items. Be prepared to upgrade your characters because you can deal damage in the billions or higher!



I enjoyed Mugen Souls Z with it’s well told story. You feel like you’re part of the story not to mention the colorful cast. Pick up Mugen Souls Z from the PSN store, Online Retailers or from NIS America May 20, 2014.


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