Fate Extra and Bridal Saber.


Once again we have the next installment of the Fate Extra but this time around they added in Gilgamesh as a playable character. The game play is still the same as before but with some improvements in the battle engine and game play. I haven’t really got to far into the story and since my Japanese is pretty bad doesn’t help me to really know the story line. But none the less it’s still fun to play and try to get what i’m doing by picking up some of the audio. But now to talk about the real reason why I bought this game, Bridal Saber.


Bridal Saber Figma.


They call this the “Virgin White Box” and not to sound dirty but I can see why. This Saber version is called Bridal Saber and well, she’s in a very alluring wedding dress but with the ends of her dress burnt. I’m sure someone somewhere out there is going to use this as their wedding dress but if not I’m very sure someone will try.

As for the Figma she’s very well detailed for the wedding styled dress. Some key points I liked is the clear plastic for the head dress and waist.



But one part and I don’t know why they designed this but… Yea i’ll just leave this picture here and you can see what I mean.




1 Extra face, and bangs with ahoge.


Base, stand, sword (I don’t know if it’s still called Excalibur or what now) and extra hands sets.


Extra Goodies.

With all Limited edition stuff you get stiff like art work OSTs and such. In this case you get all that and what I though small posters as a pre-order bonus, but what I got was something that wasn’t that and I still don’t really know what it is.

art book

art book open



In following the Sabers, Bridal Saber holds true to the rest of them but in a strange way she still feels lacking a certain something. Over all I can say that a side being a Saber I like this Figma and will rate her with a 8/10 mainly because her shots came out pretty good even after edit. Now I’m off to play some more Fate Extra CCC but I hope to see a Caster Figma sometimes soon and for the love of god Goodsmile Company make a Archer Figma and shut up the fans! (I would still buy one)

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