Armored Beauty.



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Real Acton Heroes is a doll manufacture of popular shows from Star Wars to Legend of Zelda (LInk) but don’t get these mixed up with the dolls hanging in your grandmas house. This Saber comes from Fate/Zero that came with a bonus summoning circle for first release buyers. What drove me to like this Saber she comes with more than one face pallet, which isn’t very common for Real Action Heroes.

The Real Action Heroes dolls are more like big action figures since they have ball joints and double jointed elbows that allow them for more of an array of poses. What makes these dolls different is under the skin is a frame or the skeleton for the back, shoulders, hips and head to move more freely. (Read more…)

Fate Extra and Bridal Saber.


Once again we have the next installment of the Fate Extra but this time around they added in Gilgamesh as a playable character. The game play is still the same as before but with some improvements in the battle engine and game play. I haven’t really got to far into the story and since my Japanese is pretty bad doesn’t help me to really know the story line. But none the less it’s still fun to play and try to get what i’m doing by picking up some of the audio. But now to talk about the real reason why I bought this game, Bridal Saber. (Read more…)

Carnival Phantasm OVA








So if there’s one anime group i like that’s TYPE-MOON. They’ve done animes like Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, Kara no Kyoukai, and games like Melty Blood, Mahotsukai no Yoru, and Girls Work. Now they put out something completely different. TYPE-MOON isn’t known for putting anything really humorist out, but more on the getting into your head, very visual, and even very gory. But this time it’s just random, and mostly a retelling of the shows as crossovers.

So as it sits now it’s going to be a 4 eps a season thats about 13-15 mins per show. And so far it’s great, if you ever saw any of these shows in the past and like the funny, check this out. And if you know how animes are, there is always a beach/bath house/bikini episode.  With a kinda catchy intro this show looks to be very promising and something for all fans to enjoy. You can also check out these other links to and see for yourself in what i mean by the funny!

There will be up to 3 seasons, the next one well be released in October and then the 3rd in December.  And from what i’ve read, the 3rd season will be coming with Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code that’s the newest of the series.