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Link, hero to save the Princess Zelda now in figma form. By now i’m sure that song is popped up in your head as you read this but if not then proceed to the bottom of the page for the “link” to this song. (heh heh heh) I’m not a big fan of the Legend of Zelda games but i grew up on it and like most of you thought that Link was named Zelda till one of your friends told you other wise.

I like to point out that if you’ve been looking at this figure and not to sure if you like the way he looks then good news! He looks much better when you get him out of the box and get him into some epic pose. There is a lot of detail in this figure that it’s very impressive, like his sword, sheath and shield for example. The shield is to scale (for a figma) and looks like it was taken from the game and given to this figure just like the sword with the triforce engraved into the blade and the sheath has some definition to it.

At first when i saw this figma i didn’t think i’d get it but after remembering all that time i spend as a kid playing Link to save the Princess Zelda, well the rest is history and i’m happy with how he turned out but sadly there are some problems with Link. I don’t think i would call this a major problem but it’s more a weird design for his hand for holding the sword at an angle. The thumb just looks weird and kinda unnatural, then there’s the shield that i had the unfortunate fate in losing a small piece of the hand grip. As you can see from some of the photos it’s missing due to my outing with Link and lost it by a river side. So to get on the shield and sword you have to remove one side of the shield grip and the bottom hilt to have his hands slid and equip them. These “flaws” are more take caution when changing hands, posing or even moving this figure because if you happen to drop and lose them just hope you see where it lands or have nothing around you when it happens.

For all you Legend of Zelda fans or Link lovers this should be on your list to get but if you don’t get this then there isn’t much more to say, but over all this figma is great and was worth the buy. Oh and yea the song!


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