In to the world of VR!

In the mecha world Virtual On is known among the fans but now Hatsune Miku takes a stand in this Fei Yen HD Virtual On figure. I would like to first point out how nice this figure looks from making a internet idol into a VR fighting figure, but lets not get ahead of ourselves this figure has some interesting features with it.  With 2 heads, another set of pigtails and a set of ties you can set Miku up for some good diva or even battle poses since the joins on this figure are very good. The leg joints really caught eye since it can bend all the way back almost like a real leg would but even with all the good i can talk about this figure i have found one big problem, the figure base is just horrible. I ended up using one of my Figma stands since her base was almost only designed for one pose and that limited the potential of some very cool self poses. I didn’t take any pictures of this but the CD tray on her back does open and the CD in it does come out, i almost lost the CD when i found out about this. But other than her base issue Fei Yen HD Hastune Miku figure is a nice piece for your mecha collection but be warned i have read about joint issues with some of them so just be careful when handling your figures!

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