Hot headed fireball throwing mage!


Tales of Vesperia could be argued as the best “Tales” game to come out and is one of my favorite games of this series and of the female characters Rita Morido is my favorite. Alter has also made two other characters, Yuri and Flynn but soon to release Raven later this year. I don’t have a large collection of PVC figures so i tend to be picky when it comes to them so when Rita was released I was late to jump on the band wagon and missed out on getting her, (Read more…)

In to the world of VR!

In the mecha world Virtual On is known among the fans but now Hatsune Miku takes a stand in this Fei Yen HD Virtual On figure. (Read more…)

Gundams just got sexy-er.

Armor Girls Project (AGP) a new figure from Bandai that features well Armored Girls. In the past there has been a lot of concept drawings of Gundam Girls but now Bandai with the AGP line has made one into a figure, MS Girl Wing Gundam from the anime Gundam Wing. (Read more…)

How deep is your friendship?

Finally the next chapter to the Tales series has come! But unlike the other games much has changed where it’s still the same great game play and story line but gives you a lot more than you know what to do with. (Read more…)