Invading from Japan!

In the last 5-6 months i was introduced to an anime called “Shinryaku! Ika Musume” or “Invade Squid Girl”. In a nut shell it’s basically about a sea side restaurant were a girl (from the sea) comes in and tries to take it over and enslave humans . But as the story goes that doesn’t happen and a series of events makes so she is working there and learning about the human world.

For how light heart’d this anime is the figma was made and was popular enough to sell out fairly quick, but i was able to snag one when i heard someone canceled there’s.   Ika comes with a various accessories so you can act out your favorite scene or come up with one of your own. But unlike other figmas Ika’s lower part of her dress looks like it can be removed so you can have the swimsuit but at the same time (at least mine) it doesn’t seem to wanna come of and i didn’t try fearing i might rip it off. Ika’s hair has 4 joins so her tentacles can be posed but for some reason i just suck at trying to pose them right to hole the plates and mug. She has another front hair piece that has metal rods in them to pose how you see fit. With her short “hair” version  and her other 2 faces i’m sure you can see that making an innocent Ika is very possible, but i did run into one small problem her torso area seems kinda weak and can pop off on occasion aside from that let your collection be invaded.

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