Skinning a PS3

If it’s one thing about our consuls here in America is that we never get some of the cool theme’d based ones like Japan gets, but a company called “Dezaegg/Dezaskin” has made it possible to customize your PS3 with skins. The material is a vinyl type sticker that applies easily to your PS3 top and sides, though this is only available for the slim PS3 so for all you who are still sporting the fatties, you might be SoL. But on the bright side Dezaegg does offer other skins like your Iphones, PSP, PS3 controllers, and 3Ds.  Another down side is since it’s a Japanese based company you’ll have to find them on other website or from a proxy, i don’t think there website offers shipping outside Japan.

I got a skin of Hyperdimension Neptuina that features all 4 of the PC Goddesses, Neptune, Noire, Vert and Blanc, and on the sides you see there normal forms. These skins do cost upwards to 40 usd so it’s not a cheap buy and if you can find a vinyl shop could do it for cheaper but if you want something official and is done very well then i recommend Dezaskin. You can find more of what they do on there website.

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