Like most of you, I like FLCL (Fooly Cooly) and been on the fence on whether I should get a Canti figure or not and as you can see i ended up getting the RIO:bone Canti by Sentinal co. ltd. First i like to say that he’s a lot bigger than the pictures and by far the best possible figure i have yet to receive.  This version of Canti is known as the “Pirate King” Canti where his counter part is blue colored. This figure comes with 4 set of hands, 2 heads with the Pirate King symbol and removable screens, 1 Guitar, 1 Cape and Stand.

This would be my first time buying a figure from Rio:bone and they also made the blue Canti version that has the airsoft equipment and jacket. But this version has this “epic” feel for it by this i mean the moment you pull him out of the box and start to pose him you’ll get this feeling of, “This is awesome”. But there are some things you have to watch out before you have to much fun with Canti, some of his joints are lose and you’ll need his stand to get him to stand up straight. Also be careful with the feet/ankle since it’s a thin piece of plastic that isn’t very well secured and looks kinda fragile. Some other things you might have issues with is his screen/face if you want to change out for the Pirate King logo since when you put it in, it’s secured tight and might need the use of nails or a thin sharp object like an exacto knife.

After all the pictures i took and playing with Canti I’ll have to consider to get his counterpart since this figure is very good but if your in the market to get Canti just be warned that he’s been out since the fall of last year and might be hard to track down or paying a higher price, but i think he’s worth it.  Now if they would bring out some of the bad guys.


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