Little Sisters Comes to the Rescue.

Peril in Gamindustri! CPU Candidates, Assemble!! Gamindustri has been taken over by an evil force and even the CPUs of all the lands are not enough to stop it, who can fight this evil? Enter in NepGear, little sister of Neptune who is a CPU candidate and is the only one who can help gather the other little sisters of the captured CPUs. Now watch as NepGear fights monsters, explore dungeons and beat them with a… random guy?! Yes that’s right prepare for a adventure like you’ve never experienced before.

For everyone who has played the 1st game knows about how fun this game is with reference to just about every game we’ve played, and now we get Hyperdimension Neptuina MK2. This game takes place in an alternate universe to were the 1st game events doesn’t even take place, so the CPUs are defeated and the only ones who can stop the new evil is the little sisters of the CPUs or the CPU Candidates. From the 1st to the 2nd game a lot has changed in very good ways like the battle system has been revamped from the turn based style to a free roaming style that allows for somewhat tactical game play. Among to the changes beside the graphics update is the move listing, from the the last game you were able to just about custom your attack list anyways you like but in this version they simplified it but still kept the same basic outline. Also adding in team up attacks allows the player to unleash powerful attacks that makes having your back up character useful but also with the  But the biggest change is how much more fun this is. With over a dozen playable characters are you ready to waste sleep and miss school and work just to be able to play this game?! No i really hope that’s not the case for most of you but if your looking for a fun game with fun to keep you going for weeks try and pick up Hyperdimension Neptuina MK2. And if that’s not enough then check out these videos.

I ended up getting the Limited Edition from NIS America but due to a large order of them the shipping of them was delayed so i ended up picking up the regular edition from a local Gamestop to play. In the LE edition you get the OST, Hard Bound Art Book, a Deck of Playing Cards plus the Game all in a Collectors box. NISA did announce that they will not be reprinting this version so if you can still pick it up check out there website.



Some game play

And random fan service

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