Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code PC

The latest version of Melty Blood came out on December 31st 2011 bundled with the 3rd season to Carnival Phantasm. But sadly i couldn’t get my hands on a copy, thanks to the internet i was able to get a downloaded version 2 days before it came out and been playing it for awhile now. And as of right now i’m still trying to get a hard copy of this game so i can add it to my collection, but anyways the review!

Melty Blood started as a Doujin game by companies called Type-Moon and French Bread back around 2002. It is a 2D fighter that was based off a visual novel called “Tsukihime”,  at that time no one really knew about it but best way to describe it was Street Fighter meets Guilty Gear. The game play was very simple but very fluent not to mention how you could combo your enemy. Melty Blood was released for PC  but in later versions was released for the Playstation 2 currently there are 4 other versions of this game, Re-Act, Act Cadenza,  Actress Again and Actress Again Current Code. With every release there was patch versions so in total there were about 8-9 updates with all between PC, Arcade and PS2.

Melty Blood has come along way since it’s first being released and also became very popular with smaller circles of fans in the states but is quite popular in Japanese Arcades. With that said see for yourself in what i mean.

Melty Blood Re-Act Final Tuned

Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver B.

Melty Blood Actress Again PS2

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code PC

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