Here Comes the Boom Enters the Cage

When I first heard about Here Comes The Boom I didn’t think twice about it. I thought it was just another Kevin James movie where is just goofs off. I was definitely wrong thinking that the movie would be like that.

Here Comes The Boom is the story about Scott Voss, a biology high school teacher that has lost his passion for teaching and is just going through the motions. The story starts to get interesting when the school has to start cutting programs to save money. This means the music teacher, who just found out that his wife is pregnant, is going to be out of a job. Scott feels sorry for the music teacher, Marty Streb, and decides he will raise the money to keep the music program going. There’s only one problem, he has to raise $40,000 and doesn’t have a plan. Scott discovers the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Now with the help of Niko (a former MMA fighter), Scott plans on winning or loosing his way to raising that $40,000.

What brings this movie to life is the supporting cast for Kevin James. Henry Winkler did an amazing job at playing the role of Marty Streb. He hits the cues spot on as this music teacher that doesn’t do the job for the money, he does it because he loves teaching music to children. To him, the world is powered by music and Winkler does a great job portraying that in this movie. Another great character was Niko, played by Bas Rutten. It was a natural role for Rutten as he used to be a MMA fighter. The movie offsets his tough personality by showing all the different trainer jobs he has at the gym he works in. These two compliment James’ character in the movie very well, giving that bit of comic relief to keep the movie from getting boring or putting it all on James.

One thing that MMA/UFC fans will enjoy is the appearances of well-known names in the MMA/UFC world. I know very little about the world of MMA and UFC so I can’t really comment on it. The only reason I actually know is that one of the people I went to go see the preview with is a huge fan and mentioned it. Another notable name is singing sensation Charice who appears as Malia. If you have never heard of Charice look her up, she has an amazing voice.

This movie does have some downfalls; there are some scenes in the movie that seemed like they were just added on for no reason. I could see what the writers were trying to do in these specific scenes but they just didn’t fit into the flow of the movie well. You could literally take out those scenes and the movie could still be watchable.

Overall I would have to say this is a movie worth going out to see. Even with the scenes that just didn’t seem to fit well in the movie I had a great time watching. You don’t have to know much about the world of MMA and UFC to enjoy the movie, as I said earlier I know pretty much nothing about the sport and I still enjoyed watching the movie. Give this movie a chance, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed watching this movie.


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