Noble Phantasm!

In anime there is a genre that everyone has come across or at least has been introduced to at some point, and that’s called “Magical Girls” But sometimes there comes some shows that takes this genre and runs with it, Carnival Phantasm does this but in more ways than one. In one segment of the show they show their version of a Magical Girl called “Phantasmoon” a heroine of love and justice using her powers for good to fight the forces of evil blah, blah, blah you get the point.

Figma couldn’t help but to release Phantasmoon with all her Magical Girl goodies… I mean wand. What is a Magical Girl without her wand but with a plate of curry?! Some reasons for getting this figure lies in the fact that it’s from TypeMoon one of my favorite companies and also the fact that it’s Arcueid from the Melty Blood games.  In tradition with other Figmas she comes with happy face, the Magical Girl cuties face and the nontraditional angry face.  With the effects of magic that can be attracted to her wand you too can have a spell cast’d on you.

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