Another Bag of Crap! I’m on a good roll this year!

The bag of crap included:

1 Black duffel bag with strap
1 Blank Navy Blue T-Shirt
1 Set of Flu and germ protection supplies
1 Set of 12 Bar Crawl Bingo Cards
4 Shea Butter Balm in Retail Packaging
1 Terrific Turkey Timer
1 UltiMotion Motion Control Video Game

*Bonus Video!*

I also noticed that I forgot to post the Bag of Crap I got on 4/24/2012 on here so here’s that video too!

Here’s what this bag of crap came with:

1 Green grocery bag with flower print
1 Small Rainy in Seattle T-Shirt
2 Sanyo 9V batteries
1 Leather protective cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab
1 Bell and Howell Mini Digital Camera
1 Dreamie

To see my other mystery box openings head over to my Youtube page:


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