Racing Miku 2012 Figma

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GoodSmile Racing is a grand touring racing series that is ran by the fans. Yes that’s right it’s a racing series that you can personally sponsor by buying special courses from a basic membership to a course B on a Nendoroid side as well as a Figma side. If you end up getting the course B which is about $300 USD you’ll get a racing jacket among a lot of other goodies and course A is a Nendoriod or Figma with a sticker sheet and key chain. But there’s only a limited time you can become a personal sponsor for the figure courses but you can always get a basic course for about $30 USD that will get you a membership card and your name placed on the circuit team paddock.



Racing Miku 2012 Figma  

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Here’s another version of the popular virtual idol Hatsune Miku but this time as the mascot for GoodSmile Racing Team. These Figmas are very limited and excessive from the Goodsmile Racing website and tends to sell out fairly quick. But as for Miku herself does look much different that last year by going back to a youthful look to cheer on the GSR Team for the gold cup!

If you image search Racing Miku 2012 you will see a ton of photos of her but when you get her out of the box she looks even better than the pictures online, matter in fact I was trying to capture what I see on this Figma the best I could and I still don’t think I did a good job.

Figma Contents. 

Racing Course A: $85 USD

Sticker Sheet.

IMG_0002 (2) copy

IMG_0003 (2) copy

Key Chain.

IMG_0006 copy
1 extra face.

Pink and Black finishing flag.

IMG_0012 copy

Victory Wine Bottle with spraying action.

IMG_0050 copy

Parasol (opened and closed)

IMG_0015 copy

IMG_0046 copy

Miku comes with a fair amount of stuff and I think is a lovey figure in both looks and quality since they even put on their logos on each Figma.

IMG_0025 copy

IMG_0023 copy


I’m going to have to give Racing Miku 2012 a 9/10 since she’s just a lovely figure but the biggest down side is if you want her now you’ll need to either know someone in Japan that’s whiling to track one down or find a proxy. But she’s well worth getting if any of these photos tickle your fancy.

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