The Guided Fate Paradox!



Have you never won a drawing, lottery, free food, free popsicle or even a coin toss? Renya is your typical high school student that one day becomes God after winning a shopping mall lottery and with his excessive personal angel Lilliel, Renya will change the fates of all those who pray to God for help. Come join Renya and Lilliel as they guide fate, make wishes come true and beat down monsters in The Guided Fate Paradox.  


Battle System

The Guided Fate Paradox has a turn based battle system also known as “God Move“. It allows you to move one tile at a time but for every tile you move the enemies gets to move one as well. As you move across the dungeon you will use up EN (Energy) and if you find out that you’ve run out of EN your HP (Health points) will start to drain. Don’t worry, just find food laying on the ground it can replenish some of your EN. (You’re a god now so eating food off the ground shouldn’t give you a stomach ache) You will also find objects on the ground that can be picked up and thrown at enemies which could get you in trouble or give you a tactical advantage in battle. If you die you’ll have lost all your items that’s been gathered up till that point and lose half of your money. Don’t worry, you have a safe and bank to put your valuables in so you will not lose them. As you progress in a dungeon defeating enemies you’ll gain levels that adds into your Total Level (base level) stats. Even though you start at level one your Total Level  carries over to your next mission. 



The Divinigram allows you to customize base stats and unlock new abilities. Choose wisely, once you put down a tile it can’t be removed, only relocated. Depending on how you customize the Divinigram you could raise a real god in no time so it’s good to play around with various stats.



You can pick up and equip just about anything you find on your angel or yourself. Each item has a “Divine Skill” that will go up with use and will eventually reach a “Burst” mode which allows the item to be be upgraded. It can be fun just to equip items to make your charter look like something cute, mean or just weird looking; try different combinations to get the edge on your enemies.  


Final Thoughts 

I found this game to be quite fun that I’ve never seen from the normal games coming from NIS America. The Guided Fate Paradox is like looking at the other side of the coin to Disgaea with all it’s jokes and innuwindow and I recommend this anyone who likes a good dungeon crawler game, real time tactical game or just wants to play a new RPG.  Check out The Guided Fate Paradox on NIS America or Playstation Store on November 5th 2013

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