I’ve been playing Ace Combat Assault Horizon for about a week now and for all you hardcore Ace Combat players will think that, “This isn’t a flight sim anymore?!” That is right, Ace Combat AH has moved to a Arcade style flight game. So the mine difference is that if you so happen to crash into the ground (like i do) you will not just die unless you have taken alot of damage. But the new features is the new “Assault System”. When you are tailing your enemy air craft a green circle will pop on them, as you hit both your bumpers to go into the AS. This lets you get close to them and do massive damage to your enemy. But like the saying goes, “An eye for an eye.” The enemies can also get you in AS as well, but don’t think it’s the end of the world since you can do… Yes you called it, “A Barrel Roll!!” This maneuver is kinda hard to pick up at 1st but as you (forced into) learn the game as you play it will become easier. Just watch out when you get 2-3 enemies on your butt.


Now comes the likes, and dislikes about Ace Combat Assault Horizon.


– Since they broke off the flight sim i was thinking this was going to play like After Burner or some other arcade style flyer. But it doesn’t, Ace Combat AH did keep all the elements of all the past Ace Combats in this with a very good story. Plus the intro was just freak’n awesome.

– Game play is just fun, with some of the new features like air break while turning makes it so you can do evasive turns was a nice plus, something i hoped to see from Ace Combat at some point.

– Combat system can still be played like the older versions of Ace Combat but if you want to hit them better then you’ll wanna get into the AS.

– And i think my favorite thing about this game is the different modes you can play. Some missions you play as your air craft but others you’ll play as a Apacheor a gunner on a bomber and also play in the seat of a mini gunner on the side of a Helicopter.



– Like the other Ace Combat games it can turn into a circle dog fight and all your trying to do is get behind the plane as they are doing the same. So this can lead into trying to catch your own tail.

– When you get put into the AS and the enemy does get close enough to you and you can’t do a barrel roll it’s over, not to mention it’s very hard to get outta it when your in it. And when you have 2 on your butt your good as dead sometimes.

– I know i put this in my likes but i also dislike the AS. In some missions you’ll do a bomb mission like in past Ace Combats but they let you get into a run in the AS and sometimes that can get just horribly bad. I just found it much easier to take them out the old fashion way. Though the AS bombing runs mission was fun.

Over all the game is a great flyer game and if your a fan of Ace Combat i’m sure you’ll find a place for this in your heart and for everyone else who wants a action game outside the FPS RTS or just want to try something new, get this! It’s worth to check out if your a flyer game fan at the very least.